– Can I open a company or corporation in the United States if I am not a resident or US citizen

Yes. Anyone, regardless of immigration status may register a company here in the United States as long as you are not a citizen of any of the countries sanctioned by the United Sates.

– Do I need to be present in the United States to open a bank account?

Yes. You and all persons that appear in the Registry of the company in the United States must be physically present here in the United States to open the bank account.

– Can you help me with the opening of a bank account in the United States on behalf of my company?

Yes. We work directly with the leading and largest banks in the United States that can offer you various personal financial and business solutions. We will assist you in contacting the banking entity you prefer
to work with in order to open a bank account as long as you are physically present here in the United States.

– What is the EIN (Tax Identification Number) – Employer Identification Number (EIN):

The EIN is an Employer Identification Number. It is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS. The EIN is used to identify the tax accounts of employers and others who have no employees. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) uses the number to identify taxpayers who are required to file various business tax returns.

The EIN is necessary to:

  • Hire employees.
  • Open a business bank account.
  • Change the type of organization.
  • Establish a pension plan as the plan administrator.
  • To comply with IRS withholding rules.
  • When asked for withholding taxes on unearned income and payment of wages paid to a foreign (eg, individual, corporation, partnership, etc.).

– Can you register the company with a single owner?

Yes. You can register a company with a single owner.

-When you register a company in the United States are you required to have a business address?

Yes. You can use the address of our offices in Miami, Florida to register your enterprise here in the United States.

-What services are included in managing the company correspondence?

We handle all correspondence in relation to the company. Handling tax correspondence, banking and commercial information is also included in the Virtual Office. Only you as the owner shall be authorized to collect or forward mail or email. We can also handle the personal correspondence of all the owners or officers of the company.

–Do you offer Virtual Office services for my company?

Yes. You can enjoy our virtual office service which allows you to begin operations here in the United States without having to rent offices or warehouses for your business.

The Virtual Office in the United States includes the following:
– Tax Address: Your firm may use our address as tax address here in the US

– Business Address: Your company can use our address as business address here in the US, useful for American banks.

– United States local commercial or business fax and phone number, serviced by our receptionist. – Handling and receipt of all correspondence for the company and owners of the company.

– Can I have a local phone number in the United States and have the number forwarded to receive calls here in my country or outside of the United States?

Yes. It is an extra service where we assign and forward a local phone number from the United States to your country so you can take calls at home without having to go through our headquarters in Miami.

Note: One Corporate Solutions, does not open bank accounts in the United States, we only refer you to our strategic allied banks.

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